About me

I am a technology consultant with more than 25 years of experience. About 4 years ago I decided to put the computer world aside and since then I have mainly dedicated myself to making origami, offering workshops and selling my figures between markets in Berlin and La Palma, where I currently reside.

Other artistic projects


Semilla Project

The content of this website is amateurish and the records I share here are home recordings made for the purpose of sharing my music with family and friends and documenting my progress on the piano. I hope to update this site occasionally with new recordings and more information about the artists and songs I perform. Little by little I hope to enrich this website with biographies, lyrics and references.

I am currently looking for other places to perform my repertoire for diverse audiences.


You can use the following form to contact me. If you prefer me to call or write to your phone number instead of email, you can indicate it to me in the body of the message.